September 10th, 2011

Excuse me?


I saw the cutest icon today that read- I can not go to bed, epic shit is happening on the internet. Okay- I just love that. But I'm shallow, what can i say?

Okay, as a complete aside here- I must not swim in the same shark cage as a lot of people in in the Five-O fandom because I was totally unaware that Rachel Edwards- (Danny's ex-wife) was that hated. Seriously. Totally missed this. I can certainly understand the dismay at the end of the season but apparently this was going on long before that. What, do I live under a rock or something?

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Spoilers and recs

The big Sunset on the Beach premier party for Hawaii Five-O's second season opener is tonight. In Waikiki. Those that know me, know I don't do crowds well and this is going to be a massive event, there on the beaches tonight. But seriously, I do wish I could see this. The cast will be there and probably ten thousand people to watch this on a massive screen on the beach. I mean, really, talk about the ultimate fangirl experience! LOL.

That aside, the stars and executive producer Peter Lenkov are begging those attending not to spoil it for the rest of us. Those of us that can't be there won't see it until a week from Monday. They say there is a huge plot twist at the end to set up the rest of the season. Okay, I can deal with that- but I don't care about that. I care about the Danny/Rachel mess they created when they imploded my favorite character. I want to know how they are going to explain the one thing most important to Danny is now back in New Jersey- and he's not. And how they are going to fix the fact he slept with is still married ex-wife.

Yeah, okay, so I need a life, I get that. But I'm a fangirl. And damnit, spoil me people! I don't want to wait until next Monday! Talk to me! Besides, I'm approaching this entire second season with trepidation. So yeah, spoil me, please.

Now, since I'm here, I might as well do some recs.

The Best Case Scenario. One of the truely outstanding authors in this fandom is azziria and she wrote a really hot A/U that has Steve, Danny, Chin Ho and Kono as lawyers. When I say hot, I mean sizzling. Her discriptions of Danny are fantastic and I loved the story. Definitely worth the read. And seriously, if you haven't read her other stuff, you are missing out on some of the best fic out there. Hands down.

Driving Lessons- shinysylver writes a lot of great short pieces. This one is from Rachel's POV on a piece of canon that came up about the fact that she deliberately hit Danny's car back in NJ when they first met and he was still a patrolman apparently. It's a cute and quick piece. 

stellarmeadow's  Cartography is a real quick shot that caught and held my attention. Anything from Danny's POV is going to suck me anyway but this was unique and extremely well done.