September 16th, 2011

Steve shushes Danny

So, I finally did it.

I don't like people in my face- period. It makes me uptight, snappish and fidgity and I have a hard time focusing on what is being said to me, even if the person is only inches from my nose.

Soooo, for the last couple of years, I've been dodging a visit to the eye doctor, even knowing it might well help with the headaches that are almost near constant for me again. I finally sucked it up and went this morning. The doctor was young and sweet and extemely patient and not at all put out with my irrational fears. He explained things to me instead of just saying, put your face here or do this or look this way or that.

The end result? No surprise- I need glasses. Bi-focals. He feels this will definitely help with the headaches considering the amount of time I'm working on a computer. So I got a set of no lines ordered. And since I was there and what the hell- it's only money, right? I got sunglasses as well. But only for distance so they were much cheaper. They are on order and I should have them in about 10 days.

Go me. I'm sure that HCat is even now doing a happy dance because she has been ragging on me to go for a few years now and I promised that this year I would do it. Although I meant to go sooner. Before I realized it, it's September and well- enough is enough. It was my day off so why not.

I deserve a cookie or at least a kiss from Danny. I guess I'll have to settle for the cookie.

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