October 3rd, 2011

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Five Icons

azziria is doing a 5 icon meme and I rarely participate in these, but I liked this one. Here is the five she chose and my reasons for having them.

A few years ago, I had to dump my original LJ- dawnchsr and so decided to go with this. I do have a fat orange cat, he is the love of my life and he looks just like this guy. So thus, my default icon for fatorangekat. :)

My first true love in fandom and still is- Tour of Duty and for those who don't know- this is Lieutenant Myron Goldman. He's just all sorts of yummy and well, he really is just too damn sexy for his dog tags.

This is Tour of Duty again- Zeke and Myron which is the OTP in this fandom. (There are several other pairings, but these two are the two central characters and the chemistry is off the charts for them.) Several years ago, we put together a zine and the Theban Band put a few manips together upon request. This one was stunning and captured exactly who these two are to each other down to the smallest details. This is only an icon, the entire manip is nothing short of breath taking.

This is like one of my favorite icons- I just absolutely love his expression. I've been a Marvin the Martian fan since I was a kid and this is my- "I'm totally pissed off" icon. You see me use this one- you know I'm highly annoyed. LOL

One of my first Hawaii Five-O icons. It's such an interesting snapshot of these two. It's something completely different- Danny snarking at Steve in that moment in that scene. But here it has a completely different feel- of seriousness and almost sorrow. It's still one of my favorites of these two.
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