October 8th, 2011

smile (halloween)


It's October and I can use my pumpkin/jack-o-latern icons. :)

My husband is leaving in a few hours to go war game in Albany for the weekend. This leaves me with yet another 24 hours of peaceful bliss that I will use to write. Which brings me to this...

NaNoWriMo is coming around in a few weeks. The last couple of times I've been unable to participate because I had a second job (teaching) and it just wasn't possible. I don't have that excuse this year. I'm thinking of signing up because I need to get a jump start on one of my various novels (Probably Firebase October). I've been flat with my regular writing and I really do want to get things going again. Which leads me to this...

I want to write full time. Desperately. But I have to eat and pay bills too. VN2 is doing very well and I'll be getting a nice first paycheck out of that. If I had 3 or 4 other novels/novellas out there at any given time, I probably could stay home and thus keep writing. I don't lack for ideas, I have more than enough but this working full time and then coming home to write is creatively exhausting. I see other authors who keep putting book after book out there. I want to get to this point- I'm just such a slow writer unfortunately.

Anyway, I'm on this circle of if this were this then I wouldn't have to do that but I need that right now if I want to eat and pay bills, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So NaNoWriMo is coming around in a few weeks...

Oh, meant to add this- my alter ego- Gwenna- went over to the darkside finally- and got a Twitter account. Sweet Christ, now what?
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