October 15th, 2011

smile (halloween)

Holy cow it got cold fast

I've been at my friend's, Kallie's, since Thursday afternoon. It was so nice to cut out of work early and just get the hell out of Dodge. Drove to Buffalo on a really nice bonus day of weather. This will likely be my last trip here of the season. I won't drive this distance in snow and they leave for Florida and South Carolina later and won't be back until May.

The weather took a massive nose dive yesterday and today. Windy, rainy, COLD. But... perfect writing weather for me!

Besides my writing on my Five-O story, Glimpses, Kallie and I were going to convert my pretty new Five-O DVDs for vidding. Although I have all the eps, they are of course with the logos and some have that garbage network TV insists on putting across the bottom third of the screen at the worst possible moment of a scene. Not only that, but now I've got a host of missing scene and the gag reel and other wonderful extras I can use. But the software we use is a bit dated and not meant to handle HD. We flailed around trying to work out a solution. In the end, I finally reached out the LJ group I had created for Five-O vidders and asked for help. Thank you god, someone popped right up with a suggestion they use. And it seems to work! Thank you! So now I'm currently converting the entire first season over. I can do that in the background while I do other things on my laptop.

Speaking of songvidding, my Five-O vid I believe is showing today at WinCon. Man, I wish I could be there to see it. After this weekend, I'll post it for anyone interested.

I did write yesterday. Danny and Steve are finally getting it on in this epic story. It only took them 63 pages to finally decide it's what they wanted. As usual, I grind down to a crawl when writing this stuff. You'd think, for as much as I've written, and what I've written, this would be the easy parts to write. But man I agonize over each and every word and delete more than I keep. *sigh* I'm such a loser, I swear.

Next Thursday I drive down to New Jersey. I'm staying with an old high school friend and we are attending the NJ Chapter of Romance Writers Convention. I hope I don't regret this. The NY chapter does not support e-Book authors and doesn't consider us "published". She has assured me that's not the case at her chapter. I'm going with the hope of getting some attention for the two books I currerntly have out and to network. Hopefully meet other authors from both Lyrical and Breathless as well. But I admit I'm nervous about the entire thing- starting with the long drive. *sigh*

It's my wedding anniversary today. Oh boy. 17 years. It's been a match made just a few feet below heaven. *rolls eyes.*