October 17th, 2011

frosted fall leaves

being professional

Okay, before I do that- I just want to say it's Longboards and Eye Candy night at my place. (there, got that out of the way.)

I went clothes shopping today. Understand I'd rather have my fingernails ripped out by plyers than clothes shop. Yeah, I hate it that much. But I've got this writers convention where I actually have to look professional and somewhat nice. That involves something besides baggy jeans, sneakers and a fan T-shirt that says: "Some New Jersey Cops Marry Navy SEALS- Get Over It." We got a brand new Fat Girls R Us Dress Barn less than a mile from my house so decided to take a chance and try and find something to that might work.

I actually did pretty good. Got a pretty green silk blouse, two very nice sweaters, a very dressy blouse and a very dressy wide legged pair of blacks slacks. I've got a couple pairs of dress slacks that still fit me I can also take, so I'm covered. Literally and figuratively. And I didn't come out emotionally traumatized- which is a first, really.

I am nervous about this though. My manager asked me if I was excited about the whole thing and I just sort of looked at her with I'm sure was no small amount of terror in my eyes. I told her I was getting incredibly wound up- as this is playing with the big dogs and they don't really like those of us who ePublish. But, I am hoping to network, meet some of my fellow authors from both/either Lyrical or Breathless. My friend who I'm going with has a meeting already set up with St Martin's Press- her dream legacy publisher. I learned a long time ago that I'm just never going to make it with a legacy publisher after years of trying.

If nothing else, I'll see Suzanne Brockmann, who is the keynote speaker and writer of romances featuring Navy SEALs years before it became cool. She proved you can mainstream gay characters and romance and proved women do love it. That alone makes her MY hero.

Anyway. Clothes shopping accomplished tonight. Tomorrow night I get my bookplates, business cards and bookmarks together and packed among other things. I also shop to update my makeup- something I stopped bothering with years ago because really- there s only so much you can do with ugly. Seriously.

Diningroom table is now my staging area. Thank god we never use it to actually sit down and eat.