October 21st, 2011


Wow- who'd have thought

So I'm at the big NJ Romance Writer's Convention and actually having a really good time. And then it got even better. One of my heros author-wise is Suzanne Brockman- as she mainstreamed a gay relationship in her books- The Troubleshooter series. And people loved Jules. She's the keynote speaker here this weekend and I was all kinds of thrilled.

At dinner tonight, we grabbed one of the last empty seats to be had, only to find out we ended up at Suz's table. My friend isn't shy, and introduced herself, and then me and told her how much I admired her books because of what she did. We got talking and I explained that I wrote gay military romances and she was very intrigued. When I said that my men are men, these are soldiers or Marines and such, she asked for my card and for the book titles as she wanted to give them to her son to read.

Well holy shit, Batman! Seriously? Suzanne Brockman asks for MY card? I told her I was ePublished because traditional publishers just aren't ready for this type of fiction and she totally agreed and that she felt ePubs were an awesome way to break into the market.

Sooooo, is DC a happy girl? You could say that!!!!

Oh, and also, husband installed Windows 7 last night- no hitches. I just need to get a copy of Outlook Express. He said it went smoothly. Go figure?