October 25th, 2011

Detective Williams

Not that Peter Lenkov asked my opinion or anything...

I hate missed opportunities and sloppy writing. Seriously. And Five-0 this season, which I have a love/hate relationship with right now, has for me, been one missed opportunity after another and last night's episode was no exception. Don't get me wrong- I enjoyed most of it and loved the parts that were about Danny. Thank you- someone actually got the character right this season.

So Peter, if you were to ask me, let me point out a few things...

McGarrett after being wrongfully imprisoned. The new governor wanted to make an example of him as soon as possible- because let's face it- it's all about politics. So you get cleared and the guy in the next episode is slapping you down in front of a woman you've never met before? McGarrett should be both furious and distrustful of both the new girl and the new governor. He should be keeping the new girl- who is a 'baby sitter' at arms length and making it clear to her that no- he doesn't like her or trust her and has no reason to. She wants on the team- then she can damn well earn it. And he should have told the governor frankly to go to hell. There should be some major trust issues here. Missed opportunity.

Danny should be a mess. Seriously. He was soooo close to be being back with his ex-wife and having his family back when all hell broke loose. Pregnant with what was supposed to be his baby, Rachel flees the island, taking Grace with her. He can't follow right away so now the baby is conveniently NOT his and she comes crawling back to her current husband. And that's it. We get Danny's devastation in the premier and nothing more. Absolutely nothing is mentioned about Rachel again. Period. And this is not Danny- who wears all his emotions out there for everyone to see. He should be hurting, furious at times with the entire situation he's ended up in. If only he were talking to McGarrett who would understand even, but no. Missed opportunity.

Kono should be struggling to get her feet under her and to fit back in. She was emotionally raped and traumatized and a forced into a situation that made her to turn her back on the family she trusted. She comes back to find she's been replaced- there should be some major awkwardness there. She should be shaky and fragile to some degree. Yeah she's a kickass- but her life got upended for several weeks and she was for all intents and purposes, a prisoner of IAB. Right or wrong, she should be lashing out at her family, and trying to make sense of what happened and what went wrong. And if she can ever feel she belongs again. Missed opportunity.

Other suggestions? Malibu Barbie has got to go. This far in and she has no chemistry. Danny should want to smack her for her nosiness. Steve should be barely civil to her. Kono should look at her as the replacement she was meant to be. If nothing else, could we at least write her some decent dialog? I'm still wincing over the hotel room scene with Chin. Ouch.

Speaking of which, can we have more Chin and Kono? Please? Can we have snarky Danny back, the carguments, ties and ringtones? Steve's bad taste in music and ragging on Danny about learning to surf and pineapple on pizza? Can we just plain have the team chemistry back that made even the weak episodes last year still so worth watching? What happened to Triple Banana, Bitch?

Not that anyone asked me, mind you. I'm just saying.