November 27th, 2011


New Fic: Sacrifice (Hawaii Five-0)

In watching this episode several times, I noticed something. Jenna had been wearing a necklace with a cross. When Steve knelt over her, for a moment I thought he was going to take it. When Danny then finds her, I noticed the necklace was gone.

Title: Sacrifice
Rating: G
Word Count: 630
Spoilers: Mostly episode 2.10 Ki'ilua but there are mentions that pertain to all of second season.
Warnings: There is implied pre-slash here for Danny/Steve.
Disclaimer: The Hawaii Five-0 characters do not belong to me- I simply love to play on their beach.
Note: Written for solely for the lovely and sweet kare. (and special thanks to HCat for the fast beta and the nudge to post it publicly.)
Summary: Steve comes to grips with the sacrifices one will make for love.

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