December 17th, 2011


Dear Santa, I can explain...

Snowed over night- the infamous "lake effect" kicked in. Nothing major and we ended up with a couple of inches- just enough to coat everything but the roads. I woke up and came down to get my cup of tea and found it. Frankly, if winter were like this, I could actually deal with it. Sadly, I'm sure by January we'll be measuring it in feet, not inches.

Did a large chunk of Christmas shopping and ordering last night. Husband and son are both done now. So is my boss. I just finished up my friend in SC with a GC to her favorite place. I just have to mail her the other two GCs. Still need to figure out my good friend/co-worker who's cat I watch. But I'm doing okay.

Baked this morning. One an old stand by that is cooling as I write this. One a new recipe I'll be keeping that's called Moonbeam cookies. Amazingly simple. I just need to drizzle white chocolate. I've got more, including a couple of basic cheesecakes for the office. I can toss those together either tonight or tomorrow. If I get ambitious, I've got a new pumpkin ameretto one I may give a try.

I've been steadily moving forward on my epic Five-O story. I'll hopefully work on it at some point this weekend. creedcascadeand I started framing out a story we talked about months ago. I need to do some research for the period.

I am hoping to get my regular writing back on track after Christmas. Pick one of my four novels and just plain concentrate on it. We'll see how that goes.

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