December 24th, 2011

cat in christmas tree

Dear Santa, is it too late to be good?

A merry Christmas Eve to all. I got to sleep in and that was all this girl could ask for at this point. (Well, there a few other things, but I'm being realistic here....)

Yesterday was my Friday off- which worked out so well as I got a lot of cleaning done. I pulled out the Christmas dishes- which had been my grandmother's at one time- and put them through the dishwasher. The wrapping is done so all the stuff involved with that is now put away. The cookie baking is done, so all of those supplies got put away. Ran down to the super market early yesterday and got the last minute stuff for dinner tonight, breakfast tomorrow and dinner tomorrow night. Oh, and I made and baked an apple pie.

Today I need to bake a cheesecake- my husband's request. And put together a lasagna for tomorrow night's dinner. Tonight it's ham and cheesy scalloped potatoes that will simmer all day in the crock pot.

Worked dragged all week. The gift exchange was on Wednesday. My manager and I chipped in together and got some lovely silk scarves for the girls. I wrapped them in pretty boxes- they were a huge hit. They got me an unsual box that looks like a small foot locker and has peace symbols painted on it. It's perfect for my writing pads. I shocked my manager by giving her a gift card for a massage. I've long since accepted I'm not who she wanted and that she really doesn't consider me her group leader so it wasn't a surprise to me that she gave me a small box of chocolate. My situation is what it is there- it's up to me to change it. But that's the subject of a different post and not Christmas.

decynthus and a I also went to dinner Wednesday night. We went to Red Lobster and had a really nice time and exchanged gifts. Among other things, she gave me a baseball cap that says I Love New Jersey. LOL She's such a goof.

creedcascade certainly made the week more bearable at work as we hashed out our plans and directions for our Five-0 A/U. I'm hopefully starting it this weekend. I also plan to work on Glimpses, my other Five-0 story.  I'm always so thankful to her for helping me get through my days there as we email back and forth.  

Well, I should get going on the food. I hope everyone has a lovely holiday and can find happiness with friends and family. :) Merry, merry, everyone.
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