December 31st, 2011

Danny Loves Hawaii


Well, if you've got a spare $12,000 hanging around and always wanted to go to Hawaii, you need to check out this charity auction...

Ultimate Hawaiin Vacation and Hawaii Five-0 experience. This includes, among a ton of other really, really nice things, meeting the cast and lunch with Scott. (I'm sure if your rounded it up to maybe $15K, you could talk Alex into coming too!)

Sadly, $12K I do NOT have laying around. But, seriously, this is for Life Rolls On and Scott donated it to raise money for their charity auction. I'm sure that $12K will not be the last bid- LOL.

Social media

I've said it before, but I'll say it again- I hate social media. I hate Facebook and Twitter. There is a reason "I" being DC or Fatorangekat do not have a Facebook/Twitter account. (I won't bore you with it here.)

But sadly, Gwenna must in this day and age. :P And as Gwenna, I'm fail miserably at it. I have a very small following on Facebook and well, on my blogspot and Twitter account, let's just say I can count on one hand who follows Gwenna there.

I'm also not into New Year's resolutions- I fail miserably at them so I try to avoid the set up.

But in an effort to possibly pull in a couple more followers, I'm going to try something. Starting tomorrow, Gwenna will be posting, daily, a fact about the Vietnam War and era. Why? Well because I write military M/M romances and they are either set in the Vietnam War or have some link to it. And it will force me to post on my author blog, LJ, Facebook and Twitter account. Gwenna's New Year resolution if you will.

So, want to learn something about the Vietnam War? Impress your friends and co-workers at parites with your Vietnam Trivia or dazzle your significant other while sharing a glass of wine? Follow me over at my Twitter account for all the fun. @GwennaSebastian