March 11th, 2012

Danny and Steve surfing and snarking


Home from the spa. Le sigh. Sadly, I didn't get much writing done, just didn't come together for me. I'm hoping today will be different.

Did find a perfect piece of movie trailer music from my vidding collection that I can use for Ep 2.15. And I got an .AVI copy of said episode so even better- I can work on it.

Out to dinner with decynthus tonight.
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Danny with arms crossed

Because I feel like being bitchy...

Dear CBS- in case you missed the memo- Lauren German has moved on and is now in an ABC pilot. Do us all a favor and get her off the cast page of Five-0, please. Oh, and yes, the bromance is back- thank you very much. You only wasted 2/3rds of a season getting back to it.

EW tore apart the new John Carter movie. Like wow. I read these books as a kid, absolutely loved them. Either someone really missed the mark or the EW critics found a roach in their salad that day. Ouch.
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