March 30th, 2013

Halloween cat

This, that and basketball

My son is coming over for dinner today. He has plans for tomorrow, to spend it with his father's family (and likely my brother's family will be there too.) But I'm delighted he could come over today and spend some time with his mother. He's young, he's busy and well, I'm his mom so I take what I can get and I'm thankful for it. I love him and I'm proud of him. We are doing ravioli parm with garlic bread. And I picked up a chocolate silk pie for dessert.

So it sucks I've got a headache. When I finally broke down over a year ago and got glasses, I was thrill to realize the almost constant headaches were gone. Not so much these last few months. It seems almost every weekend, I'm losing at least a day to them again. And Monday nights are like clockwork. It's exhausting and I'm not getting any writing done- fanfiction or otherwise. (sigh) I'll stop whining now. I will go out and walk today though as the temp is 50 and it's sunny and I'm not going to miss out on that.

SU is playing today at 4:30. Something else I get to share with my son who is coming over early enough we can enjoy the game. Marquette beat us earlier this year, but only by 3 and we let that game get away from us. We can beat these guys, but it depends on what team shows up. Because when we are hot, things happen. And it was 10 years ago we won it all with Carmello Anthony and Gerry MacNamara taking us there. I don't think we can take it all this year, but I would love to see us make the Final 4.

In two weeks I'll be in Charlotte with my friends. Maybe it will lift this mild depression I'm obviously in. We can hope anyway.
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Yarn candy

New yarns that I can now show off because I have a camera!!

Sunseeker- I couldn't pick between these fabulous colors so I got one each. The orange is actually light, more melon colored and it shows the sparkle it has. These will make lovely summer shawlettes.


Liberty wool in a lovely varigated blue/green/yellow for this baby sweater:

baby sweater
High Five

OMG- Final 4

Holy cow- we beat Marquette- we didn't just beat them either, we smothered them! WE ARE FINAL FOUR BOUND!
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