July 4th, 2013

Danno blue shirt

Enjoying vacation in the Carolinas

Still enjoying my vacation but thought I’d catch up a bit here. The weather has been less than desired which I really don’t care about—we aren’t at the beach or anything. But it’s made it hard for me to walk so I’ve had to take several shorter walks during the day between rain storms as opposed to one nice long one.

We did our shopping where she takes me to my two favorite places: the cross stitch shop and a clothing store, both of which I don’t have access to when I’m home. I got a bunch of summer and fall tops as well as a few capri pants. I was much better at the cross stitch shop, walking out with only four small patterns. That’s fantastic restraint on my part, LOL!

Other than that, we’ve relaxed and caught up and stitched. At night after they’ve gone to bed, I’ve done some writing, although nothing spectacular. I’m still struggling and it’s frustrating. But I’ll keep at it until something breaks loose.  Maybe I should do what azziria is doing- a series done in 100 word drabbles. It might help me to at least feel productive. I’ll finish my current songvid when I get home.

Tomorrow is my last full day here, then Saturday I have a late afternoon flight home. Which will mean back to reality. We got a new sofa and that will be there when I get home. All our old furniture was picked up Tuesday so the living room is a bit bare of places for the cats to hang out. Which of course has them disgruntled. Also, the futon in my work room is gone- FINALLY! Which means I can get some additional storage/shelving in there as well as a small desk to keep the laptop set up on. I’m looking forward to getting that done.

When I do get back, I owe decynthus a birthday dinner.

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