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I don't make resolutions because I just blow them- usually within the first week. But I do make plans and the one that is always ongoing for me is getting organized. I have a ton of yarn and knitting supplies. The yarn I'm going to get all in one place (I have it in clear tubs) so that I have a handle on it. What would be nicer is if I took the time to sort it out by weight but that can be further down the road. Yarn that I buy for specific projects though, I want to bag with the pattern and store together. That way at least I know why I got a specific yarn to begin with rather than just picking up a pretty when I'm some place.

I have a bunch of knitting supplies that include two large sets of interchangeable circular needles, two sets of 6" double pointeds and misc other types of needles, crochet hooks, cords and what not. I had it in a larger plastic box with a handle but it wasn't working for me. So I went to Target and picked up 2 smaller snap stackables with handles and finally got everything exactly where I want it and how I want it.




And my treat to myself are these incredible double pointeds. A friend of mine had these and I love the way the felt in your hand and how the yarn worked with them. I want to learn to do socks and mittens and such now I have the needles to do that.

dbl pointeds

I have a ton of cross stiching supplies including a craft shop's worth of patterns. That's my next organizing project. Aren't you thrilled?
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