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August 10th, 2014

Well damn, where did the summer go already

Not that we really have had a summer here Upstate NY. It snowed through April and we've yet to get the soul sucking heat and humidity that I'll take 100 times over our winters here. The NY State Fair is around the corner and for those of us who live here, the pretty much says that's it for summer. I feel ripped off somehow. And I've been so busy and/or tired and/or distracted that I haven't done much catching up here. So I guess I'll do that now.

To save all of you, I'll put it under a cut here.

[New Job, writing and the rest of what has been a weird summer]First up, the new job. I'm not fully trained yet but I'm pretty independent at this point and I like it. My absolute dream would be writing full time (preferably in the OBX or Hawaii) but since I have to work, it's nice to finally have a job I actually like. I like my boss who is busier than a mad hatter and I don't know how she does it. I'm tucked into a nice corner right in front of her office in the Billing department. The room is L shaped and I'm in the smaller side with 5 other girls who all seem genuinely nice and greet me when I come in and talk to me as if I've been there forever. Their names I know. The rest of the department, it's a crap shoot on learning their names, but I'm getting there. I've got MORE than enough work on my desk and I'm constantly learning. I came from a radiology background and this is a huge urology practice, so yeah, it's a bit of a change up. (I know more about the male anatomy than I ever thought possible!) The commute isn't any shorter time wise, but distance has been cut in half. It's just that I'm caught in the worst of the rush hour traffic both going there and coming home but I'm hoping to change that in the next month or so. Having these much later hours has completely thrown me off which leads me to my next topic.

Yeah, it hasn't been my summer for that. For fanfic (vidding too) and my regular stuff. I made huge progress on my second Mark and Josh novel over the Memorial weekend only to be completely derailed because of the new job. I come home exhausted and frazzled. And since my husband now gets home before I do- he has that damned TV on and blasting when I get in the door. Steve and Danny haven't had a lot to say to me. I have ideas that I jot down but no energy to pursue them. Mark and Josh have been quiet too. I finally busted it loose on Mark and Josh when I went for the first time this summer to Buffalo and Kit's since I started this job. (That was last weekend) I got a great deal done in a very short amount of time and it made me feel good. Now I just need to put myself back on a schedule.

I also got invited to speak at The Claytons (as Gwenna)- an annual event that the Romance Writers of Australia put on. I was there this past Friday night presenting about ePublishers and niche markets and I had a good time. The hour went very fast. If invited back, I'd like to do it again.

Walking (and weight)
Both have been a shambles for me. I was massively depressed over the winter so the way I always deal with that is to eat. So yeah, with that comes pounds. I've yet to get myself back under control but hell, Fall is coming and maybe I can somehow pull it together. And my walking. *sigh* Every summer it's a personal contest to see how long I can go before I miss a day. It just never came together for me. So that hasn't helped with the weight either. Like the writing (and vidding) it's all been an epic fail these past months.

Accomplishments have been that my garden has done very well. I got my first veggies last week. I've also got fresh parsley/basil/peppermint coming out my ears. I freeze the parsley and dry the basil and peppermint. I got a nice zucchini, not quite large enough for my chocolate zucchini recipe but I found one for a glazed lemon zucchini bread I'm going to try this afternoon. I've been making blueberry/raspberry muffins for the last month and putting them in the freezer. I just love them.

Well, I guess that's enough nattering here for now. I've got a story idea for Steve and Danny I want to give a go at, see if I can take it anywhere. I've had a lot of false starts and simply have given up. But maybe I can get the two to start yelling at me here.


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