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So I got new glasses. And another thing...

I was way over due to get my eyes checked and see about new glasses, something I took care of tonight. Because I had to. It was, let us say, that kind of week.

It's been bitterly cold here, which means that most parking lots in the greater upstate NY area are a sheet of ice. Which I found out the hard way on Tuesday on my way to the employee entrance where I work. Okay, admittedly, I'm not the most graceful thing even in a pair of sneakers even in the summer, so yeah, between the ice and my questionable talents, I found myself sprawled face down on frozen asphalt. Good grief. Hands and knees scraped up, my tote upended and scattered (along with what little dignity I ever had) and thankfully, only my glasses broken. It could have been a helluva lot worse.

I do work in a medical office so a nurse came right over to my desk and helped clean me up and make sure I wasn't hurt worse. My boss was furious because I'm not the only employee to take unauthorized skating lessons in our parking lot and fail. She stormed over to HR and chewed someone a new one, then came back with an accident report for me to fill out.

My glasses weren't a total loss, thank god. I got them bent back enough that I can manage. But if anything good can come out of my pure embarrassment, it was that I was forced to finally get my eyes checked. And with that I ordered two new pairs of chick glasses. (It seems my prescription had changed, a lot. Which could account for the increasing headaches over the last few months.)

Bah humbug, I hate winter.
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