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Vid shows and glasses

I just picked up both pairs of my new glasses. Wow, what a difference they make! It's like the entire world went into HD for me! I love them! My crunched/scratched/twisted pair is now tossed in my glove box in case of emergency but with two brand new pairs, I hopefully won't ever need them again. I wish I could have been able to save the frames for later use but that's not gonna happen.

On an unrelated note- I just entered my songvid- Kryptonite at Revelcon. Sadly I never get to this conference but I've always got a vid to enter and I've won twice. Once for Tour of Duty with The Whole Platoon is Gay, and last year with Let's Talk About Sex from Five-0. (Considering that Let's Talk About Sex wasn't good enough for another con, I was very pleased it did so well here!)
Tags: glasses, revelcon, song vidding, vidding
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