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Keeping an eye on that monster storm coming up the coast. My sister will get hit hard but it looks as if, so far, we will only get 5 inches at most. I can deal with that. Now back to our regularly scheduled program...

I do some cross stitching- I used to do a LOT of it but when my friend moved down to South Carolina several years ago, it never seemed the same. Still, I do work on projects- small ones that are quicker satisfaction that way. I haven't had the urge or energy to set up and work on a larger piece. But this week I set up a beautiful piece that will take me some time only because I'm slow and it can't go with me everywhere. It's called Spring Moon. (Click here to see the pattern)

spring moon wip

I also picked up some pretty new yarn.

leggins yarn

The fingering weight is Noro, with some silk in it. Beautiful stuff. The yarn on the right I got to make this pair of leg warmers. It's always chilly in my office and a draft is forever blowing out of my boss's office along the floor and over my feet and ankles. These look simple and easy enough for even me to handle.

On an unrelated note- I decided to trade in my tracfone finally and get a smart phone. I signed up today and hopefully will have it by the end of the week. It was past time for me to get with the modern age.
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