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Seriously, I am alive...

I realize I haven't been here that much this winter. Really not at all. It was, by any upstate New Yorker's standard a miserable winter. One of the worst I've had to wallow through in years. Added to that was the fact that I've been sick for the better part of two monthes. A head cold that eventually went to a chest cold that turned into a cough that just would NOT let go. Then two weeks ago I lost my voice. (I know, there are many cheering at that notion...) It just wore me down by inches, leaving me curled up in a corner of the couch doing nothing. I have't written a single word of fanfic or on my regular projects, no vidding at all. I barely knit, really not much and I had started a lovely cross stitch project that has been languishing for weeks now.

Finally on Monday, I dragged myself to the Urgent Care and got antibiotics. (Those that remember my last encounter with Urgent Care nearly left me dead due to a botched diagnosis.) The upside is- I feel human again. My voice is 95% back and I can breathe again. And this is the first Sunday evening where I haven't felt worse than better in weeks. I even went to Buffalo for the first time this season to enjoy my dear friend, Kit and to celebrate my birthday. :)

I owe a huge apology and long note and everything else to you, kapuahi. I am so sorry for blowing it with our combined project that I simply just dropped for two months. And haven't really had the decency to write to you either. I will try to fix that this week now that I feel like a person again. I hope you can forgive me and give me another chance.
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