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Wined and dined

Wow, it's been quite a week. My birthday was Sunday and I've eaten out more this week than I have all year it seems! Mind you- I'm not complaining- far from that in fact! I'm very flattered and touched.

This started last Saturday in Buffalo with Kit who took me out to Mexican. We've been trying to find a good place for years and it was a score with this one.
Thursday my work companion, Anne, bought me lunch.
Friday my husband and son took me to the Outback for steak and lobster.
Rounded this all up with a lovely early dinner with decynthus at Red Lobster.

So wow.

It was also a crazy week at work. My boss had a presentation yesterday- Saturday is the only day she seemed to be able to get all our physicians, PAs and NPs together. But that meant Anne and I had to pull together a bunch of stuff. She copied and scanned things while I pulled research and regs from CMS (Medicare/Medicaid). This all meant that I got almost no auditing done and I have piles on my desk of hospital audits, office audits and appeal requests that require I verify if we can appeal to begin with. I have these all in neat piles but that doesn't get them done. They just sit there, silently accusing me. So this week I will need to dig in and push hard to get caught up. At least I really, really like what I do now. :)

We've also had some nice weather but that gets tossed out the window this week with cold and rain and dare I say- flurries? (Sweet baby Jesus, make it stop already!) decynthus, my dear friend- I guess it's good we are NOT starting our walking this week. The weather would have laughed in our faces. Lets hope next week will be the ticket.

Job aside, this week has been my week to start to pull my act together. I've got some of my outlines out for both fanfic and regular novels. And notes for a vid I want to have done for WinCon this year. Espeically since decynthus and I are going! Woot! It's just so cool it's in our back yard this year with it being in Pittsburg.

Time to get things ready for another week of the job.
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