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Warm weather at last

It seems spring really has gotten here with summer fast on it's heels. It's hard to believe that three weeks ago we had snow. Thank god that seems to be a distant memory now. Although I think I'm still suffering PTSD from the winter that we thought would never leave here!

With that thought, I've started walking again. My streak is 2 1/2 weeks right now and I'm building back up to my 3 to 3 1/2 mile daily jaunt. The practice I work for sponsors a Prostate Cancer walk and I signed onto one of the teams. It's 3 1/2 miles so I'm working my way fast back to that as it's June 27th. Wish me luck. Speaking of the practice I work for- we are moving our offices. Sort of.

Right now I'm located just off of downtown in a not so nice neighborhood. And we are in with the doctors and clinical and it's very, very crowded. So they found us new digs on the far side of town from me and all of the billing, administration and accounting are going there- which would include me. My boss brought us over Thursday to check out our space which is going to be nice and private. I'll no longer be sitting on top of my companion nor crammed into a corner. That will be refreshing. And since I work with audits and spreadsheets that people should not be peering over my shoulder and looking at because it's NONE OF THEIR DAMN BUSINESS- it will be nice not to have to keep blanking my screen every time someone decides to hang out by my desk. The trade off is I'm back to a long commute again. *sigh*. But it will be in a nicer part of town with decent parking. And I'll just be a down the street from decynthus and the park where we walk twice a week.

Memorial weekend is next week which means I'm off to Kit's for the long weekend. And that it's Media West. Two of my vids are going to be shown there this year- a first for me as I've never had any shown. Thank you to candyjbshsc for her help in arranging to get them.

Our one older cat- Qui-gon has been sick these past few weeks which has taken up a lot of my energy. But we think we finally have him turned around. He seems genuinely happier and is poking around the house and laying at the back slider door in front of the screen, letting the breeze blow over him. Two weeks ago we had said goodbye and I thought I'd not see him again but the vet told us to hang in and we think we have him on the right track now. Thank god. I'm not ready to let him go. He's 16 but we're hoping we have a couple more years of happiness with him.

Still struggling to write. Hoping that I can really turn that around and jumpstart it when I go to Kit's. kapuahi is hanging in with me with our blogging project despite the fact that I am failing miserably. I hope to have that Rachel entry to you by the end of the day- dear one! I'm almost there! (after like 5 false starts... sigh)
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