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henrycat will tell you I've needed a new mattress for years. But I'd been unwilling to get one for a few reasons. And really, what I really wanted was very expensive so I felt I needed to wait. But lately I've been waking up in a lot more pain than is easily bearable. (putting weight back on has made that clear) And I'm sleeping lousy. I wake up hurting and exhausted every day and well, enough is enough. I finally caved this morning and took the plunge. Yeah, I bought a Tempurpedic. God they are expensive but it is an investment. Of course the salesman tries me out on the $8000 mattress first and OMG is was heaven!! But that was so not happening either. In the end I spent a lot but hey, this should be it for me for many, many years so it's done.

So yeah, HCat, you can stop rolling your eyes at me. It's like when I finally caved and got glasses. I'd reached my threshold of pain and there you have it.
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