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well wow, it's been awhile...

So it's been a while.Sorry. I got blindsided by menopause and well, I'm trying to get around it. Right now it's holding my muses and creatively hostage and has been for a while now. It also seems to have sucked all the energy out of me as well. Bitch.

I just got my desktop back after the video card died on me last week. This rig is seven years old and sure, I'm due for a new one. But the thought of getting a new one set up makes me want to weep. Getting all my software put back on, updates loaded, everything transferred. Ugh. I can't deal with that right now. So yeah, a new video card seems to have done the trick. Keep your fingers crossed.

I still love my job- medical chart auditing is fascinating and I learn more and more everyday. And having a really nice boss certainly helps. We moved our offices from our downtown location (the neighborhood was sketchy at best) to one of the suburbs. The commute is longer for me again, but I really like the location so much better. And I'm no longer crammed into a corner with my boss's aide. Believe me, we were pretty much living in sin we were that on top of each other. Now the three of us have a big private room all to ourselves. It's quiet and secluded and I breathe so much easier. Now that we survived the huge change in the medical billing world called ICD-10, I can focus on adding to my credentials. (It's not like I'm writing or anything here so no excuses.)

I am vidding though. I've got one now I really like and I keep chipping away at it. It's at least halfway there. If I can finish it in time, it will go to RevelCon which has been very kind to me. I've now won three times there with one Tour of Duty and two from Hawaii Five-0. I've already submitted one but was asked if I had anymore so we'll see if I can pull off this other one in time. If not, there is always next year.

Speaking of cons, I know that ConTxt is rolling back around this year. I think it's in July this year and it's in a new location too. But I was less than impressed with the last one and the one before that was okay. I have people I would love to see again but honestly, I think I'm going to bow out of it this time around. I had a very good time at wincon back in October with decynthus and met some really awesome people. (And premiered a Five-0 vid there)  Honestly, I felt more welcome there. So I'm going to sit this ConTxt out I think, save the money and vacation time (I'd have to use 2 days). And honestly, July is not the best month- I go to Charlotte for a week as it is.

There is a lot more, but none of it is that interesting. Not that the above is either, but... at least I sat down and said something. btw... Go Broncos!

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