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New Vid- Hawaii Five-0

Finally got another vid done. Which, considering I'm completely blocked when it comes to writing is a major deal for me.

Total McDanno.

Somebody to Love
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Vid by Fat Orange Kat
Music by Jefferson Airplane
Pairing: Steve/Danno
Spoilers- there are scenes/clips from all six seasons.
Warmings: Slash
Notes: Let's face it, Danny's character has changed a lot over the last six seasons, especially over the last three. And I don't like where they've taken the character. Although there are scenes/clips from all six seasons, the Danny here is the Danny I fell in love with from the first three seasons and the relationship that he and Steve had. That is what I wanted to capture here.

If you have any problems viewing here, the direct link to YouTube: Somebody to Love

Tags: danno, danny williams, fanvidding, h50, hawaii five-0, mcdanno, steve and danno, steve mcgarrett, vidding

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