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Well geesh

Contxt will only take vids up to a year old (June 2009 to June 2010). This is an every other year con so I think this sucks as I really wanted to submit Gay Platoon and now that ain't gonna happen. I doubt I'm gonna be able to squeeze something out in time. I'll be going to Kallie's for a (nice) long weekend over the Memorial holiday, and I have every intention of vidding while there. But that will be too late to submit.

Oh well. I'll see. The class I'm teaching finishes up at the end of March and I don't start the next one until May 17th. I might be able to work something out that is presentable enough.

Is anyone else going besides decynthus  and myself? We are driving down since it's plenty close enough. My novel is coming out that Monday following the convention and it would be nice to celebrate with some friends.

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