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Why all the fuss?

Okay, I admit it, I was (and still am) an ABBA fan. Now it's out there in the open, LOL. I was a fan of their's years before they became popular for the disco stuff, I might add.

I'm pleased that they got inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame last night. Good for them. So someone please explain to me the rancor and nasty articles about the fact that only two of the four members showed up for the ceremonies? (I had no idea that attendence was required at this apparently. Who knew?) The four of them broke up years and years ago, for whatever reason and chose to stay that way. Turned down boatloads of money squared to come back together if only for one concert and saw no need or had any desire. This is old news. If that's always been the case- why would all these disgruntled columinsts think that they would suddenly just all come together for this?

I don't get it, but there you have it. In all honesty, I feel they were better off NOT showing up and performing. These aren't the kids we knew 30 some odd years ago. Those same columnists who are griping that they didn't come and perform, would then be laughing and sniggering at pointing fingers and saying- they should have stayed off the stage. There is no pleasing people like this in my opinion.

So I say, so what? Let them be. They've long since gone on to do what it is they want to do and must be pretty happy about it at that. Good for them. Everyone else with an opinion can, IMHO, shove it.
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