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And in other news...

I've sort of been on the run since a week ago this past Thursday, starting with going to Kallie's. I spent a long and wonderfully productive and refreshing weekend there and then came back to a busy week both at work and home. A long time close friend was up here visiting from North Carolina and so I was at her hotel room almost every evening until she left yesterday morning to return home.

HCat has Mark and Josh in her cabable hands. Today I worked on the query letter and the cover letter for the synopsis. There is so much that is going into getting this ready to go out. God I hope it's not a supreme waste of everyone's time but we'll have to wait and see. *sigh* I'm so uptight because I've yet to get a novel published- albiet the traditional market. But still. All this stuff that goes with submitting a novel- a query letter, synopsis with a cover letter is draining any confidence I have. I feel so out of my league and can't help but remember how my previous efforts several years ago got nowhere.

HCat has also been busy redoing Info with a completely new look to compliment the stunning banners that Debs made for me. To that end, I wrote up the complete episode summary of The Luck.  A new introduction for the home page as well. I'll post when the slick new look is up and hope that you all check it out. Poor HCat has been ripping her hair out learning a newer version of Dreamweaver and getting the basics down for CSS. God bless her because I can't do it.

Update on cat integration- wow, I gotta say, that "catnip air freshner"? Holy shit, it works! I mean it really does work! Last week my little Siamese, all six pounds of her wanted to beat the crap out of the fourteen pound fat orange cat. Talk about your ATTITUDE! No fear and every chance she got, she went after him gunning for the fight. We couldn't keep any of them together for more than an hour, most of the time it came apart after just a few minutes. Enter this product and it's like a switch has been flipped. Not only can we get them all in the same room for hours at a time, but they will all sleep within a couple of feet of each other. No one is looking for a fight, no fur flyining- just some hissies and fluffing out and grumbling. I actually have real hope now that these guys will be a family. I don't know if it's cat cocaine or what and I don't care, it works. It's that simple.

I start teaching again tomorrow. This will go on until the first or second week of December. Thankfully, as noted above, Mark and Josh are now in the final editing stages so I'm happy about that. I do have a new ToD story I've been working out in my head and tossing around with HCat and I'm liking it more and more. It's slash and it looks as if this will be one of my epic ones that takes place over at least two or three episodes of the third season. That Zeke and Myron are again talking to me has me excited, believe me. Will there be hot soldier sex? You betcha.

It's mid September already. What am I still doing here, trapped in Upstate NY? God help me but I'm so not ready to handle another winter here.

Oh, Kallie! That recipe for Crock Pot Cream Cheese Chicken? Devine! I highly recommend you try if you haven't already. My husband absolutely loved it. Excellent recipe.
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