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walking, writing and basketball

We've had an unseasonably warm week this week here in upstate NY. So I started walking again. Not every day and this year I won't be able to do that with teaching two nights a week. But I will walk as much as I can and log it here. So to that end...

Tuesday- 1.9 miles
Wednesday- 2.1 miles
Today- 3 miles

I will soooo pay for the three miles tonight. I'll be loading up on ibuprofin, I can tell you that much.

Along with good start to my walking season I wrote a complete ToD story. A gen one, sorry. It's a missing scene from first season no less and it's been years since I've tackled a first season Myron. I'm pleased in that I set out to finish it this week and I did. (I didn't say it was any good though.)

And ya, ya, ya! It's March Madness and Syracuse is not only playing tonight, but a #1 SEED! Go SU! There has been a lot of unexpected upsets (Gee, what a shame Georgetown is already out... :P) so let's hope we don't join them tonight!

Tomorrow I have the house all to mayself. So I write on VN2. Maybe Fallout too. But definitely on VN2.


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