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Cat stacking and pretty as a princess

I have some new pictures of the ladies I thought I'd share. Unfortunately, I"m not like my sweet friend chootoy  who is an incredible photographer but these will have to do.

We call this cat stacking. These two hooligans hang out in this cat condo all day. It's at the head of the stairs and in one of the busiest intersections of the house. So they miss nothing here.

My little Siamese has turned into quite the princess. And she's really darkened up into the true Siamese coloring. But like her tabby sister, is still very loving and full of mischief. She's posing her for her "royal" shot. If  you click on the picture and look closely, you can see her tail is still shaved in the middle. :)

On a separate note, for those who didn't hear me screaming all over the globe, SU won their first round game in the NCAA tournament. On to round two which is tomorrow.

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