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It's life list time

I try to do this every year for my birthday, pull out a life list that I've had for years. It started out with somewhere around 99 things on it back before my son was born. Since then, I've added some things, took others off that no longer hold interest for me. But most of all, I try to accomplish a couple of these goals on there every year.

Among the things I've done:

Been to San Francisco
Seen the Pacific ocean
Learned to scuba dive (I'm a certified open water diver.)
Learned to knit (sort of)
Been to the Carribean (Cancun to be exact)

Those things I still wish to do and places to go:

Go Australia and New Zealand
I want to rent a house boat in Seattle, WA.
See a Cubs game at Wrigley Field
Learn to sail
Go to Hawaii
Take a tall ship cruise

So what did I get done this past year? Well, I was supposed to go to Japan but both HCat and I both decided the timing this year wasn't going to work for either of us. I want to go during cherry blossom season. But that means we are planning it for next year instead. :)

But the one most important thing, the one that's been at the top of my list since I started it- I finally accomplished. I'm publishing my first novel. (hugs self) I sold it back in November and it will be released this June. Although I had dreamed of going the traditional market route so that I would hold my book in my hands, I'm no less thrilled that I've made it instead, in the ePublishing market. I've maintained that eBooks are the wave of the future and well- I'm part of that now.

So, it was a successful year. And I look forward to the next one. This time I do hope to make it to Japan during the cherry blossoms so that I can visit with my friend, HCat and see such an exotic and beautiful country and culture I've never experienced before. And now that I'm publishing my first book, I want to sell and publish my second. :)
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