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It's Timothy McVeigh in a skirt...

Okay, at the risk of sounding like I'm on a political soap box here, I gotta ask- did anyone see Sarah Palin's speech this past week in Boston? She was speaking as part of the Tea Party movement. Anyway, this was on national TV, on the news so I'm not making this up. She's standing there in her expensive red leather jacket, shouting into the microphone, waving her hand at the cheering crowd and screams-  "We'll take our guns, we'll take our religion, they can keep the change!"

I sat there, my mouth falling open and couldn't help but think- this is Timothy McVeigh in a skirt. I'm serious here.

This woman scares me. No, that's not right- she TERRIFIES me. What really scares me is that she's gaining popularity- a woman who quit before she could finish her term as govenour- of Alaska no less, who now makes millions of dollars (seriously, she does), who will stand there screaming with a grin about guns and religion in her expensive red leather jacket and tell people who have been unemployed for months and months that they aren't entitled to healthcare. Or that gays are deviants and have no rights at all.

It's hate mongering, pure and simple. It's veiled behind a woman's face, but it's no less real. It's racism with politically correct names and lipstick. It's bigotry wrapped in the American flag and religion.

It's bewildering because a few years ago, before we elected a black president- if anyone stood up and shouted "We'll take our guns, and we'll take our religion..." would have been seriously looked at as a home grown terrorist. Now, instead, we are calling it a "tea party" movement.

Oh yeah, I'm scared. Seriously scared.

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