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The Pacific and other bits and pieces

It's stunning and graphic and in your face. I'm glad we decided to get HBO so that I can watch this, it hasn't been a disappointment. The artwork that begins each episode is breathtaking and reminds me about the Marine Combat Artists.

The TV Guide this week had NCIS on the cover and a great ariticle inside. I'm sorry- I'll never be a Tony fan, it's just not gonna happen even after seven seasons. But Mark Harmon- Yum. I got a huge kick out of Sean Murray's discussing the fanfiction and that it was actually good. And that he stumbled across a site devoted to McGee and DiNozzo fanfiction. When he realized what it was about though, he backed out of it quickly. LOL.

I'm in love with Mike Holmes. It's been an ongoing love affair for about a year now.

Work has been a bore and a drag and I'm hating the new location and seating arrangement. And if this makes me sound like a self important diva- so be it. But I'm really getting sick of everyone having a 30 minute bull shit session in the morning while I work through a huge pile of checks. Then having various shit jobs dumped on my desk because everyone else has got too much to do and they know I won't complain. To them.

I scored the weekend to myself and I've been loving it. I would have no problem being in my own apartment with my cat and enjoying the silence. And leaving a light on without being snarked about about it.

With it, I've gotten a lot of stuff done. Mowed lawns, did two loads of laundry that I hung out in yesterday's sunshine, did a load of dishes, cleaned out my front flower bed to see what made it. (it appears everything.) Updated the yoga girls website and then worked on four chapters of line edits on Mark and Josh. Go me.

Today I grocery shopped and put away the nice clean laundry. I will work on at least one more chapter of edits, probably two. Maybe try to write some ToD. I will definitely be making a cheesecake later. And then there are those Sunday chores I do every Sunday in order to get ready for the work week. :P

My buddy Kallie returns from warmer climes this week. Rah.
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