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Good grief, a productive weekend?

I actually had a good weekend. Go figure. It helped that it was my 3-day weekend, I'm always thrilled to have my Friday off and to have the house to myself. And for once, I got quite a bit done too.

Worked on line edits
Cleaned kitchen
Worked on weeding out the flower garden strip under my bay window.
Went to Walmart and Home Depot (and blew threw $150 in short order.)
Cleaned off my front porch in preparation for my containers and pots of flowers.
Ordered some FREE Gwenna swag. :)
Walked three miles with decynthus 

Went to Weight Watchers (lost 1 pound)
Worked on line edits
Cleaned up and swept off back deck, set up the furniture.
Finished weeding the flower garden strip under my bay window.
Installed a stunning solar light in the round flower garden out front. (It changes colors all night long!)
Walked 2 miles
Ordered some more free Gwenna Swag!
Made my husband his favorite pasta salad.
Started a knitting project (twice) but got it wrong (twice).

Finished line edits! (Three days ahead of schedule!)
Washed, hung outside and later folded two loads of laundry
Made a lasagna as my son was coming over for dinner.
Started the same knitting project (again) and got it right this time.
Worked in both flower gardens.

I feel good about everything because I didn't sit on my ass and feel sorry for myself. I even got to watch not one, but two Chicago Cubs games. (They won both times.) I was able to enjoy my son's visit when he came over and my lasagna turned out great. But then I rarely screw up a lasagna.

But there are things brewing. My husband could be forloughed for more than a day here and there- it could be for several weeks. Unpaid. And my son, who was on the way out the door, sort of dropped the bomb on me that he may be going to Afghanistan. He tried to downplay it when he saw the look on my face- saying his chances were slim. I'm just not sure how I'll handle it this time around.

But- none of that has happened yet. So I'm not going to buy trouble- just yet. I got the one huge task on my plate completed this weekend- the line edits on Mark and Josh. I can't begin to tell you how relieved I am about that. Tomorrow is Monday. Oh the joy.

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