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So damn busy lately

Rah- it's my Friday off today! So much to do this weekend, never enough time!

The closer I get to the release date for Mark and Josh, the crazier it all seems. I survived line edits- although for some reason I thought for sure I'd have to go through that one more time. Now I've got my galleys and I'm proofing those very carefully. I've got until Thursday to get those done, but I start teaching this upcoming week, so really I won't have time after this weekend.

I've also got two blog things going on I need to handle. One is an interview I need to fill out and get to that lovely lady. The other is I'm a guest blogger at Lyrical's blog on Tuesday. Both of those I need to get taken care of this weekend as well.

And yup, teaching picks up again. The joy of it all. So far, I'm told I've only got 6 students, so that's okay. But it's updated and revised books and I need to go through those this weekend. I'll probably do that on Sunday. Not sure how much of what I have in the old books I can still move over, but I guess I'll find out. My friend/co-worker Sue, she's going to teach the Intro to Coding for this round as well- the girl they had up and quit last minute so Sue decided she'd try it.

Oh, I need to bake a cheesecake too.

I've been working my way into a regular workout schedule. I'll never be as awesome as sassyinkpen , but I need to get organized here. But this week has been pretty successful.

Sunday- 20 minutes of handweights
Monday- Walked 2 miles
Tuesday- Walked 3 miles with decynthus , 10 minutes of handweights
Wednesday- nothing
Thursday (yesterday) Walked 3 miles with decynthus 

I'm going to be realistic- with teaching I'm not going to try and walk every single day like I usually do each summer. So Mondays and Wednesdays are out. But I can do handweights for at least 10 minutes when I get home on those days. I can also get back into my bowflex- although I did something stupid and blocked one side (by accident) with a set of shelves. Now the tension rods can't move- but I'm fixing that today with some rearranging. I want to add bike riding in on the weekends too.

I really do want to be under 200lbs when I go to Japan next spring.

Oh, I downloaded a free trail of a new web design software. I have been frustrated with what I could and couldn't do with NetObjects and although I have Frontpage, I never cared for it. But I like this software and already designed a much sharper looking Gwenna page. I've still got things to figure out on it but the tutorials and the manual are excellent and easy to understand. It's a lot of freedom to do what I want without a lot of screwing around to get something where I want it.

So that's enough rambling for one day. It's the weekend and it's my Friday off- so woot!
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