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Hanging out at the lovely Kallie's

God, I forgot how much I love coming here until I return on Memorial Day weekend each year. This year is no exception. I got out of work early on Thursday, hit very little traffic and made fantastic time getting here. It's been awesome since. We've had mixed drinks and gone out to the Chinese Buffet and I finished another ToD fanfic. My first slash one in at least a year.

I'm always so damn productive when I'm here. I got that story wrapped up and I'll work on my much longer epic one- Fallout for the rest of the time I'm here. I'm also going to set up a couple of songs for songvids that I've been wanting to do but have had absolutely no time or ambition to do so until now. And VN2 is singing to me- thank you god! What is it about this place that makes all this possible for me?

Also, my first official guest blog spot as Gwenna appeared yesterday. I got to discuss my fascination with the military and the Vietnam war and how that translated into my novel. I'm very pleased. And I managed to snag two more guest spots, one for sure on July 13th. I'm still waiting on the second one and hopeful I should have it. Anyway, the interview is here if you at all interested.

I've been good btw, I've walked both yesterday and today for a couple of miles both times. Go me.

Tags: guest blogging, gwenna sebastian, kallie's, tour of duty, vn2
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