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I'm sure, somewhere in France, a winemaster is aghast

I'm drinking champagne and lemonaide. With a straw no less. Yeah, I know but well, it taste good. So who am I to complain?

This is my last night here before I have to go back to reality and the drudgery that is my regular life. But I'm not going to dwell on that right now. Now I'm going to drink and watch an episode of ToD and keep writing on my latest ToD fanfic- Fallout.

It has been a blissful weekend for the most part, I gotta say. And I was pretty productive too- writing wise. I finished the one story- (it now has a title btw- Serenity.) And I got a couple to three pages done on Fallout. I hope to get at least a couple more done tonight before I finally give in and go to bed.

We'll go to Denny's tomorrow for breakfast. Then I'll leave here somewhere around 11 or noon and head back to my regular life. I'm sure the kitties will be glad to see me. And we've already mapped out a weekend each month through to Labor Day for the summer.

I'll catch up the rest of this, hopefully tomorrow after I get home.
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