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I'm just one big basket case here. Really.

Lost and Found (Mark and Josh) is coming out in a couple of weeks and sure, I'm excited it's finally going to happen. And one big fat bundle of raw nerves. I'm worried the foolish thing is going to bomb and reviews are going to be awful and that beyond my five closest friends, no one else will buy it. It hasn't exactly been my best week you could say. Oy.

I know, get a fucking grip already.

This month is off and running for me it seems. My son turned 24 on Thursday- when the hell had that happened? I mean one day he's still giving me and his teachers fits at school, the next he's 24, a war veteran and picking up girls between his classes at the local junior college. Geesh. Anyway, we took him out to dinner last night to his choice, and had a nice time. He stayed for a while afterwards and watched the first episode of The Pacific and loved it.

I've been gathering and sorting things and making lists for ConTxt. That's coming on real fast. Next paycheck I'll use to pick up wine and mixers and munchies for the party. decynthus  is going to get together with me sometime next weekend so we can make goody bags of Gwenna swag. sassyinkpen sent me a box of her's along with the books I asked her to sign. Thanks sweets! In the middle of all of this, I'm still teaching on top of the regular job. And writing up more blog interviews and sending out copies for reviews. You could say it's hectic right now.

I can't post my new ToD fic on the Notes List. There has to be a setting that got screwed up on me somwhere. It takes each paragraph and makes it into one long single line across the page. So you have to scroll to the right forever. That is not going to do here, obviously. I don't know where and when this happened, I just know that when I posted Silences, that was fine. But a few weeks later, I go and try to post Downtime and everything was wrong. I'm still having the same problem when I tried to post the new fic today. It's aggravating because I don't know what the hell happened between Silences and Downtime. If anyone happens to know what the problem is, I'm all ears here.

It's muggy and sticky here. I wish it would rain.

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