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So, here we are at ConTxt

decynthus and I are officially here at ConTxt. It was about a seven hour drive down from upstate NY, with it raining for the first part of the trip and then sunshine and construction during the second half. My timing sucked as we arrived here at Washington DC/Silver Springs at 5pm and the height of the commuter traffic. Thankfully we didn't have to deal with it too long and the GPS got us right to the doorstep without incident.

So here we are. We registered tonight and got our con package. Picked out several panels that we will attend, some together, some apart. So this is what we are looking at so far:

Friday morning: Checking in at the Con Suite and posting the room party info. Then we are going to take the Metro into the city and see the Wall and some other sights real quick. Panels in the afternoon and then the Disco Duck party is tomorrow night. We are probably going to wrap up the evening with a stitch and bitch. (We both brought our knitting!)

Saturday- checking in at the Con Suite again, then panels for most of the day. The room party is at 4pm and we'll have that going until the cocktail party at 7pm. (I so hope this is all worth the effort that bothdecynthus and I have put into it!) The vid show is Saturday night.

Of course we will enjoy the delights of the dealer's room as often as we can!

And Boo Boo made the trip- this being his first ConTxt. :)
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