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ConTxt- Day One

Well, decynthus  and I survived the first day of ConTxt. It appears we had a good time. After I posted the room party notice and we took a short walk out to the nearby mall, we started in on some panels.

Day One Panel Round up:

What we talk about when we we talk about slash fandom
This was a discussion on what "we" consider the term slash means. I guess, hanging out in a small fandom the way I do (that being Tour of Duty) that I never realized it's such a hot topic to define what slash is. I always thought it was a pretty simple and clear cut- any non canon pairing of a couple is considered slash. This would include het pairings- example: Mulder and Scully. At WriterCon I found out this can be a bit of a hot button for people and it came out in a similiar panel there. This panel here at ConTxt was much nicer in that although it was a lively discussion, it never got nasty. Still, I left bewildered because to be honest- I just don't get why there is such fuss over this. I realize the definition has changed from what was considered the original definition as I noted above. But still. The one thing I do NOT agree with is that original gay fiction is not original slash fiction. I'm a slasher and I gleefully write slash in Tour of Duty. But I'm also an author of gay M/M romances- I do not consider those "slash" nor myself as an original slash fiction writer.

Next round, decynthus  and I split up. She went to the Harry Potter panel, I went to one called Fanmixes and Mashups.
I can honestly say it wasn't what I thought it was going to be and had to leave half an hour into it. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

After that, we met up and went to the Firefly panel: Firefly: I'll be in my bunk.
I'm still very new to Firefly so I just listened here. But it was a fun panel and mostly stayed on topic, straying off for only a minute here and there. It was mostly a discussion of the characters and to some extent, pairings.

Decynthus went to Gay Steampunk: Sherlock Holmes. I was tired so I went back to the room. She enjoyed it and came away with the quote: the best House/Wilson A/U. LOL.

We went to dinner after that then dressed up and went to the party. Since it was just the two of us, it wasn't nearly as much fun as when you would go with a posse. It was here I really missed my usual con going bunch. So we only stayed for about an hour or so, then came back to the room. Oh, but the ride down was interesting as we shared an elevator with a couple who were dressed up as "steampunk Star Trek." Fantastic costumes. We could have done without the pair of drunk firemen who shared with us as well.

Other highlights.
I meet one of the reviewers for Rainbow Reviews. When I gave her one my postcards with the cover art for Mark and Josh, she immediately remembered my name (Gwenna) and that she didn't review it but that one of the guys grabbed it as he's into the military stuff. She was very pleasant. She's opening her own press up called Amber Quill.

While I was waiting for the Firefly panel, I was standing near my posting of the room party with the postcard of the cover art. A woman was looking at it and said "Wow." LOL. I leaned over and offered her a post card and told her I was the author. She said I must be very interested in DADT and I told her I very much was and a huge supporter in getting it abolished. I'm hoping she comes to the party.

And my god, the place is lousy with knitters. I never saw so many people knitting during panels as I've seen at this con. There were easily 10 people knitting in the slash discussion panel alone.

Overall, I think this is a nice con. It's not too big and seems well run. I can say that I'm having a nice time and I know Decynthus is for sure.


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