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Day Two of ConTxt

There wasn't a lot going on day Two (Saturday) that decynthus and I were dying to see for the morning and afternoon. So we hopped the Metro and rode into the city to see the Wall and a few other sights since it had been many many years since decynthus  had been to the city. And well, if I'm hailing distance to the Wall, I have to stop by.

The only draw back to all of this was- it was miserably hot, probably 95 degrees and the heat index made it so much worse. But we did see the Wall, along with the Three Servicemen memorial and the Women's memorial. Sadly, the Three Servicemen were being restored so you could only peak at it through some panels. We also saw the Korean Memorial and the WWII Memorial. (Lots of WWII vets there). Then we dragged our over heated asses back to the hotel with plenty of time to get ready for the room party.

Before the room party started, I ducked down to the consuite and dealers room to meet up with a fellow Lyrical Author- Amber Young. She was set up next to Rainbow Reviews who I had talked to the day before. While saying hello to her, the girl from Rainbow said she had to let me know that she found out my book got 5 stars! She said the reviewer just absolutely loved it and couldn't wait to see what else I had coming out. She also asked if I was under contract with Lyrical for my other stuff- I told her not specifically. She gave me her card and said that if they didn't want my next one, she did. She had just started her own press.

The room party was a huge success. Not a single person showed up. Oh well. It didn't detract from the glow of knowing I was getting a 5 star review so I didn't care- too much. Decynthus and I cleaned up and then went down to the vid show.

The vid show was a blast, they almost always are. One of the comcon people sat next to us- Holly- who was very nice. We told her we enjoyed the con a great deal. I told her my only complaint was that the con was every two years, but they only accepted vids that were no older than a year. Because of that, I had two I couldn't submit. She said she's bring that up in their discussions on how to improve the con and agreed with me that maybe if a vid came out during that two year hiatus, it should maybe be allowed to be submitted. But aside from that, it was a very fun vidshow with some very fun vids. I probably laughed the hardest over the Hot Fuzz one.

After the vid show, I came back to the room while Decynthus enjoyed the Dr Who get together where everyone watched part 1 of the season finale. She said it was incredible.

So that's the wrap up. I missed the Leverage panel because I was getting ready for my room party that didn't happen. Oh well.

Today, we are packing up and getting the hell out of Dodge, driving back to upstate NY. I'm sorry more of our friends couldn't come this year, but we still had an awesome time and I wouldn't mind coming back in two years, depending on where I am in my life at that point. Decythus and I are looking at BASCon next year (2011) in San Francisco.


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