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Visiting Kallie

I got 7 pages done on a new ToD story that I'm writing for creedcascade . As usual, I wanted to do something small and quick but this one grew a bit more complicated on me. However, I am about 2/3rds done with it and I might be able to finish it up tomorrow when I get back home. My husband won't be home until late tomorrow evening so I catch a break there.

HCat is going to call us later and we are going to watch a ToD ep together. We did this before and it was a blast. She's in Japan, we here in western NY. We had drinks and popcorn and made comments through out the entire ep. It's the next best thing to being all in the same room together. :)

In six days I drive down to Charlotte. I'm going to try to make it to Haggarstown on Friday after I get out at 2:30. Then I'll leave early Saturday and drive the rest of the way to Charlotte. I'll be down there for the week, relaxing at a friend's house. I won't be writing much, she's not into computers and such although she is supportive of my writing. But I'll knit and cross stitch. She's got all kinds of plans and I can unstress for several days.

I got another review for Mark and Josh. If interested, just go on over to my gwennasebastian  journal and the links are there. I'll add all the updates to my webpage tomorrow.

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