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So yesterday wasn't my finest day. It should have been an awesome writing day- it was rainy and chilly and I've had Myron and Zeke nattering at me for a couple of weeks now on a new story idea. But that didn't happen for various reasons that don't bear repeating at this point.

Today I drove to my hometown, which is about an hour or so east of me. My father was buried there and I hadn't been to the gravesite since the day of the funeral/memorial service. I left bright and early this morning while it was still quite chilly out. I brought him a dozen beautiful yellow Geber Daisies.

I've been depressed- things at work, things at home, summer's over and the geese are flying south... It's made me listless and blue and almost no ambition. I'll work through it. I always seem to.

But to pick up my mood a bit, I bought this lovely knitting pattern. I want to do the shawl pattern. I did order the yarn for my next project, a very beautiful kimono cut cardigan made in dark rich mahogonies and cayenne. The yarn is superwash merino and well, I spent way more than I should have- like WAY more and so this had better turn out STUNNING for my first sweater, that's all I got to say. Oh, on the matter of the yellow baby blanket, I'm given to understand the still expectent mother was stunned beyond words. She absolutely loved it. You just can't buy that in a store.

Preparation for Mark and Josh to go out is continuing.

Cat integration continues with increasing success. We still can't just leave them but we can have them all out together for the day with only some minor altercations that are easily broken up. I'm putting way more effort into it than my husband but I'll keep at it.

Does anyone know if I can completely shut down and fold up my dawnchsr LJ? Is there a customer service addie I can write to ask that it be discontinued? Maybe any credit I have left over applied to this account?


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