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On vacation

I'm in Rock Hill, South Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. I drove down from upstate NY on Friday and Saturday and have a really wonderful time since. I haven't done a real vacation, where I didn't go back to work for an entire week since I left Royal and SunAlliance some 5 years ago. Just relaxing and enjoying myself mostly. Although I haven't been writing, I have been cross stitching and doing some shopping. Unfortunately the weather has been in the high 90s since I got here, so I haven't been able to walk either.

I finished one small cross stitch project and I'm 2/3rds of the way through another that I will likely get done today. We are going to go out today and look at some apartment complexes and stop at a local stitch and frame shop for a pattern they said would be in today. Other than that and going out to the Olive Garden for dinner tonight, it will be a quiet, if hot day today. Thank god for A/C.

Got the oddest review on Lost and Found and haven't figured out if I should be happy or disappointed. Seriously. It was from a reviewer who had been waiting on Mark and Josh since before Lyrical picked it up. She gave me 4.5 out of 5- so I should be rejoicing. But despite the great rating and some really nice remarks about my writing and such, she did not care for Mark at all. And that's sort of an understatement. She goes on for some length why she doesn't like Mark and then adds that the story was definitely worth reading, but it didn't work as a romance for her.

I can't help feeling like I disappointed her as she's been waiting on this book for so long. And I was afraid this would happen, that Mark and Josh wouldn't live up to expectations. The one good thing, besides the fact that it still somehow managed to get such a high score, is that I had every intention of addressing why Josh fell in love with Mark and why he continues to stay.

Anyway, it's left me with mixed feelings. Mark and Josh has had some fantastic reviews, some good reviews, some mixed and okay reviews and none of them has caught me as off guard as this one.

So back to vacation here. I'll be driving back on Saturday. The plan is to drive straight through from Rock Hill to Syracuse in one day, but we'll see if that's possible or not. I'd like to have Sunday to just crash and sleep as it's back to BOTH jobs on Monday. *sigh*

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