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I  got my first royalty check yesterday as Gwenna for Lost and Found. :) How cool is that? I can't help but feel like the real deal now. I've recieved more reviews, all pretty good.

Going to meet decynthus for dinner at the Olive Garden tonight. I owe her a belated birthday dinner. 

This will be my last indulgence before I try and honestly screw my act back together food and exercise wise. I've been a miserable failure this summer, a lot having to do with ups and downs on depression. I got smacked with it hard when I came back from Charlotte last weekend but I've had a chance to settle down and get used to the idea that I'm back and for the time being, this is my life. 

I'm still teaching. This would be my last week but I got roped into teaching the other class that I should NOT be teaching. I don't know why they just don't get someone who is qualified to teach it instead. It's not me. So it's another 4 weeks. Then I'll get two weeks off and I'm back on the treadmill again in September. But that's it. In December, I'm done. No more. I'll have taken the auditing credentialling by then and hopefully have passed it and then I'm giving this up. It's practically impossible for me to write and work two jobs. Period. 

I was supposed to go to Kallie's this upcoming weekend but she had some stuff come up. I had scheduled to leave early on Thursday for the drive there, but I think I'll leave it anyway and come home early. The weather should be cooling down to the 70s and I could possibly work on my stories. And it's my Friday off, so that would be nice. 

Summer is slipping by way too fast. *whimper* I don't want to deal with snow!

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