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Flowers and cross stitching

I thought I'd post some of my flowers from this year. Last year I had a strip of pretty day lillies planted across the front of the house. This yeaer the actually bloomed and look quite stunning.


My flower garden out front isn't as stunning this year as last. Can't explain why. My daisies got long and fell all over the place and sort of took over. I really need to somehow stake them up. Anyway, a few pictures there. My cone flowers are quite lovely this year- I have three colors.- the standard pink/purple, a yellow and a red that is called Tomato soup.


And since I'm putting so many pictures here, I'll add one more. I used to cross stitch all the time. Every spare moment that I wasn't working or writing, I was cross stitching. Loved it and made some pretty and some cute stuff. But then my friend, who I used to get together with every Sunday, moved to Charlotte, NC (Where I was for vacation a few weeks ago) and I sort of well, stopped. There was no joy in it for me anymore. Me with tons of patterns and supplies and such.

But then when I was on vacation down there, she got me going again and I started and finished two pieces while there. I went to her favorite cross stitch shop, and bought a ton of really great patterns, spent way too much money but had a blast. I hadn't felt that good in a long time. We went back two days later and I got more. Oy. Last day before we left, I ordered a couple more and bought one more. Thank god I'm not down there right now- I'd be broke!

Anyway, I just finished this piece, one I started when I got home and finished up last night. It's called Meow Blocks. I thought it came out adorable. Haven't framed it yet, obviously.


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