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So here's the deal

The weather has broken here and for the next few days, we will be in the more comfortable 70s. This is a blessing for someone who lives in a house with no A/C. Don't  get me wrong- 90s and muggy vs 30 below/slippery roads/wind whipping up my skirt- the 90s and muggy will win hands down every time in my book. But I digress here...

Tomorrow is my Friday off. Saturday, my husband is going north for the weekend. How wonderful is that? Wonderful enough that I'm hoping to actually write! Two of my regular novels have been whispering to me while I'm at work and I've got that epic ToD story- Fallout- still there as well.

So keep your fingers crossed that cooler temps and absentee hubby will lead to a very productive weekend here for DC.

In other non related and disjointed news... decynthus  and I walked 2.5 miles tonight along the lake. I've been really sloppy about walking this season. Let's not even go into just how bad my eating is going. I'm trying to make a deal with myself to walk more, maybe even try to everyday for the rest of the season. And with that, try to screw my act together eating wise. (Unfortunately, the swinging in and out of bouts of cellar deep depression keep sabotaging me!)

Oh and before I forget, I did get to see the lovely Liberty Belle, the restored B17 that was here in Syracuse. I'll grace you with a few pictures. Just a quick observation here- the nose art, back then, was considered really risque to say the least. This picture doesn't show the detail but if you saw it up close, you could a) appreciate who painted it had talent and b) that her flight jacket is open to the navel and that there was alot of attention paid to her nipples. Trust me. I thought it was the rivits. It's not. LOL.


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