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Another project completed

I started and finished this one this week. I love how it came out.

Switching gears a bit in that I've set up a larger piece that is a pumpkin patch with several black cats chasing a single mouse. It's very sweet. And my quicker project is one for my sister for Christmas.

For years she's had a static sticker in her cars that had a Jolly Roger and the phrase- "The beatings will continue until moral improves." So to that end, I found this pattern while I was down in North Carolina over the 4th of Jully weekend- Pirates' Creed. I also picked up this one for myself. Why Work?

I will come back to knitting but this summer has been incredibly hot and I just can't fathom having anything in my lap. But my direct supervisor- Lucrettia, is pregnant and due in January and I do want to knit something beautiful for her. She's a sweetheart and I know she'd absolutely love whatever it is I come up with.

Tags: cross stitching
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