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One of my better weekends.

Between my husband leaving Friday night for the north country and the heat breaking to lovely cool mid seventies, I actually had a good and productive weekend for once.

Walked 2.5 miles with decynthus at the park.

Walked 2 miles.
Wrote page and a half on my ToD fic-Fallout.
Finished one cross stitch project and started another.

Walked 2 miles.
Did a load of dishes.
Did two loads of laundry.
Cleaned kitchen and vacuumed the house. 
Wrote 4 pages on Fallout.

Grocery shopped.
Updated my paying clients webpages.
Cross stitched
Wrote 5 pages on Fallout
Walked 1.5 miles

So I'm relatively pleased with myself. I've walked four days in a row and got at least ten pages done on Fallout. I slept in, relaxed, left the TV off for the most part but watched ToD when I felt like it. I wish it were like this all the time. Sadly, all this comes to an end as tomorrow I'm back to work at both jobs. *huge sigh*

Tags: cross stitch, fallout, tour of duty
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